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Web Design

Our strong understanding of core branding techniques enables quintessential service delivery that invigorates people into a relationship with brands to revitalise and elevate businesses.


We create expressions for brands that are unique, unambiguous and consistent, and initiate participation through a series of activities that are designed to inform, engross, transform and motivate businesses. We nurture brand growth through design development, identity creation and rejuvenation.

Corporate Communications

Corporate communication helps an organisation manage its culture, identity and perceptions by explaining its mission and combining its visions and values into a cohesive message to stakeholders. We create corporate correspondences to help enhance the performance and reputation of an organisation because the success of a company is closely intertwined with effective communication.

Digital Marketing

​We foster brand affinity through continuous marketing dialogue which results in an interactive and intimate relationship between a brand and its audience. We initiate and sustain this relationship through web site and blog development, landing pages, sales promotions, branded e-mails, newsletters, social media, event design, sponsorship, product and service launches.

Content Development

Our strategic content development process employs upfront research analysis that creates innovative content which attracts attention and helps our clients communicate effectively in the digital sphere. Examples of this content include but are not limited to content for site optimisation, to population and management of social media channels, all created by a dedicated and talented team of photographers, animators, copywriters, and editors.

Product Development

We have a proven, process-driven approach to product innovation, design & development. We employ systematic methods to guide the processes involved in new product launches. We partner with companies to create digital products with new or different characteristics that offer new or additional benefits to the customer. Our work includes content websites and subscriptions, web application suites, script installations, e-commerce bundles and consulting services.

Analytics & Insights

Through a deep understanding of data, it's overlays and the market interplays that data expresses as creative insights, we are able to provide our clients with unique perspectives that influence the decision-making process and optimize brand performance


We are always looking for experienced and specialized professionals to help us forge the future of: Marketing, Media, Research & Development as well as Client Services. In addition to talent representation, VA has robust practice areas in brand consulting, business development, media rights advisory, and more. Our IT and communications teams are best-in-class, and VA offers unparalleled opportunity for professional growth. Our culture is fast-paced, entrepreneurial, diverse, and collaborative.

Vendeur Afrique

Elevate Your Brand


We are committed to simplifying intricacies, designing with purpose and inspiring audiences so as to reinvigorate a business, brand, culture, products and market presence.

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