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East or West, home is best! Africa is our home and as Vendeur - Afrique we believe that we have a unique responsibility to realize the African potential through storytelling. Finding great people who understand this purpose and making the African audience our priority has led to an amazing team of young and energetic thinkers who are taking over one story at a time. As Thomas Sankara once said, “We must dare to invent the future.” We see a future where impactful organizations enjoy the value of a strong brand to enhance the progress of Africa. We are bold enough to imagine such a future and welcome you to explore with us and partner for success.

~ Kenneth Mantu

Managing Director

Our leadership at VA is a group of young, creative, and energetic people who think differently to produce good work. Each with their own scope of work, the common factor is empathy, a strong work ethic, and the fact that they are all crazy enough! 

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The Apiary, 4th Floor,

ABC Place, Waiyaki Way,

Nairobi, Kenya.


Vendeur Afrique made it with love

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