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Marketing on Celebrated Days: The effective Way to Secure Your Brand

Celebrated days are present all year long – formal, informal, local, and worldwide.

And while celebrated days offer brands exponential organic reach through marketing, it is essential to single out your celebrations.

These daily celebrations can be a way for your brand to hop on opportune shifting trends. Each celebrated day has a novel quality, too much of which may confound your audience.

Remember, pairing your brand with each trending celebration can harm your brand personality.

Whether it is Chocolate Day or Presidents Day, you must pick considering the brand story you wish to convey.

Promotions on Celebrated Days

Celebrated days are fun, however, if you look closely at your social feed, you will notice astute advertising tactics. This month alone, we have seen World Day Against Child Labor, World Food Safety Day, and Father's Day is around the corner as well.

Like any celebration, Father's Day has a couple of items we regularly associate with the day. Brands that end up selling golf clubs, ties and gift vouchers will benefit from highlighting their products during this season.

Nevertheless, you do not need to be a dad-centred brand to see the advantage of a Father's Day campaign. Through utilizing imaginative methodologies and the right influencers, any brand will see astonishing outcomes from running a campaign or post that gives recognition to fathers everywhere.

Why the Hype?

The fundamental explanation for publicity around world celebrated days is that brands have discovered how to market them. Some brands have moulded their celebrated days while others piggyback on existing occasions, and the two techniques work to rejuvenate customers' interests around an item or cause.

From a purchaser's viewpoint, celebrated days convince us to be impulsive, for instance, I do whatever it takes not to eat cake consistently (it is difficult), yet on 'World cake Day' I have a reason to go to the closest bakery for a slice and a 'bomb' Instagram picture while I’m at it.

This brings me to my next point, whether we admit it or not, we are living in a digital world and people thrive on sharing photos and videos. When your brand is prepared for the celebrated days, through organizing activations and engaging customers, you are more likely to receive online mentions from clients observing the day. This in turn will undoubtedly boost your brand awareness among other gains.

Likewise, having the word "world" before anything provides it with a more prominent feeling of significance. Any day can be a cake day, yet on 'World Cake Day', we can justify gobbling down various kinds of cakes.

How Do We Work Celebrations into a Marketing Strategy?

When communicating to your audience on celebrated days you can incorporate a few noteworthy and fun content ideas that could appeal more directly to them.

Here are celebrations to add to your promotion schedule.

1. World Smile Day

By observing World Smile Day you can urge individuals to take and post selfies of their smiles, they can make a random person smile, or post significant jokes to connect with your audience. On the off chance that you run a dental brand; this is the best holiday for you.

'World Smile Day' is an extraordinary chance for your brand to spread generosity and make a positive connection with devoted fans and followers.

2. Local Celebrations

An organization with a local presence would flourish with the inclusion of local celebrations in its online content schedule.

With regards to portable correspondence like mobile phones, you need to get individuals on the go and inspire them to follow up on an offer or deal, or to know that they are close to a business that could interest them.

Consequently, it is vital to have your internet-based profiles perfectly populated, have Google Maps enacted, and post relevant and engaging content that appeals to local social media users.

Facebook ads can be of significant help, however, if you would rather not spend the cash but still want to draw in local people, hop on a celebration in your area and utilize hashtags.

3. Word Compliment Day

Celebrated on is an extraordinary chance to connect with individual followers. You can post a simple prompt encouraging people to share the best compliment they ever got or to tag each other using designated hashtags.

Why celebrated days Matter for Your Brand?

Social media holidays can help your brand in more than one manner, here is how:

1. Utilizing online celebrations humanizes your brand

It is normal for customers to purchase from a brand that supports issues they care about. Celebrated days let you show your anxiety and backing for explicit causes, which refines your brand. Besides, you can develop a more intimate connection with your audience.

2. It will develop your brand personality

The celebrations in which you decide to participate will set your brand temperament. In this manner, you can decisively join celebrations that are in line with what you want your brand to be associated with.

For instance, if you need to position your brand as philanthropic and people-focused, you can participate in corresponding themed holiday celebrations.

3. It will strengthen your online community

While celebrated days are the best chance to sell, a professionally curated content calendar will likewise build and reinforce your online community.

Individuals love to support a cause, and the sensation that comes with being a part of something greater than simply purchasing an item will encourage them to return in the future.

4. It increases engagement between you and your audience

Celebration-themed posts give your audience space to collaborate with you, which will not have been imaginable otherwise.

Individuals share what they resound with, also, they love to spread the cheer that holidays bring. For instance, a post on Friendship Day will get remarks and offers since individuals will in turn engage with their companions through it.

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